EYA Community

Empowerment for Youth and Awareness

Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to create awareness and understanding of marginalized groups and their issues in Tanzania.
OUR VISION is a Tanzanian society that embraces all individuals, regardless of their individual identity or expression.

Visit our website at https://eya.co.tz


Let us build a community!

This is a place where your soul and your body can call home. This is a place where we are creating a different world that is aligned with Love and Peace, openness, tolerance and mutual support. A world that is a vision of our society, a place, where we move towards a rich filled life where one is healthy and contented.

Why you should join

This online community works like a social media platform, but it is entirely dedicated to our community. It is more safe than the regular social media, and only moderated by ourselves.

Communicate with others, get invited to seminars and other events, get access to a knowledge base, ask questions and make your ideas and opinion be heard.

Kuwa Mshiriki

Unaweza kuingia kupitia kivinjari chako na kupitia programu ya simu (app - angalia chini).

Baada ya kujiandikisha, utapokea kiungo cha kuthibitisha kupitia barua pepe, ambayo imeandikwa kwa Kiingereza kwa sababu za kiufundi. Bonyeza link hapo chini kujiunga na mtandao huo. 

Ikiwa una maswali au matatizo yoyote kuhusu mtandao, unaweza kututumia barua pepe kwa [email protected] . 

Unaweza kujiandikisha kwa mara ya kwanza kwenye ukurasa huu juu ya "Omba kujiunga".

Karibu na ufurahie!

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